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Although we are in bamboo and wood products industry, but our brand positioning and business philosophy is not attached to the bamboo and wood products industry. We are committed to bring a natural, healthy and ecological eating habit to our customers, thus we position ourself as an advocator for providing natural food serving tool, dining tool and food presentation tool. Through our innovative product design and natural product material to offering traditional catering enterprises a more attractive food demostrations or eco-friendly food packaging solutions.

FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)ensure that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits

ISO(International Organization for Standardization)is an independent international non-governmental organization that sets standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems.

SGSis the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.


Rich in raw material where we located. Anji was given the title of the “Bamboo Town of China”


30 years focus on manufacturing eco-friendly products, organized workshop & spacious warehouse.


Product variety, One-stop procurement for eco-friendly supplies.


Customization, brand engraving & individualized packaging

Chairman's Statement--Attitude is everything

Our mission:reducing trash in the world---The development of plastic and chemical products have put great pressure on the environment all over the world. Our company has 30 year's developing and manufacturing eco-friendly products by utilizing disposable and compostable Bamboo material. Due to Bamboo's sustainable characteristics, bamboo product have become an ideal substitute for plastic or other non-recyclable products. We will always focus on this point.
Our vision:encouraging sustainable lifestyle.---People become more aware of environmental protection. This is the common goal of the whole world. We exist to help reduce the world's trash by make life greener for everyone. We constantly remain passionate about this goal.
Our value:creating innovative eco-friendly products.---In order to get more people to use eco-friendly products, we continue to launch innovative and stylish products for our customers. To help our customers decorate their restaurants or kitchens, make their food presentation be more attractive. As more and more countries begin to issue plastic ban law as well as People become more aware of environmental protection, we believe that our eco-friendly products will be more and more popular. Join us to protect the earth and succeed together.
Customer comments

Bamboomake's bamboo products are so exquisite with a reasonable price. We like it so much.We really appreciate Bamboomake's customer service. It is very professional and timely.

John Chandrinos

Bamboomake has so many bamboo eco-friendly products. They can fulfill all your needs about cooking tool, dining tool or food presentation tool in a very sustainable way.


Bamboomake is the most creditable bamboo tableware supplier of us. We are so happy to work with them.

Why choose us?
  • 30 years bamboo products manufacturing

  • High quality products with competitive price.

  • Factory direct sale

  • Free sample & prompt quotation reply

  • Customization & brand engraving is available

  • One-stop procurement for eco-friendly supplies.

  • Professional and timely customer service

Hot Questions I Product
How long is your delivery time of bamboo prodcuts?
A: Normally, we will need 30-40 days to finish our customer's order. This time includes preparing, manufacturing, and packing.
What is your MOQ for bamboo cutlery?
A: Most Chinese factories have MOQ. However, we are not one of them. We do not ask our customers to purchase huge quantities from us from the beginning. We only ask them to reach our minimum amount quantity(MAQ). It means any order that reaches 2 thousand USD is workable for us. Our customers can combine as many bamboo products as they want, as long as it reaches 2 thousand USD, we will accept it. This sounds really reasonable.
What is your bamboo skewer made of?
A: Unlike trees, bamboo has a strong vitality. It grows very rapidly. It can grow one to two feet within 24 hours during its growth peak time. It can still grow even after harvest. Bamboo is a 100% compostable and biodegradable material. It is the perfect substitute for plastic, steel, and glass, etc. All of our products are disposable and eco-friendly. You will not feel any pressure on environmental pollution When you choose to use bamboo products instead of consuming plastic products.
Any useful bamboo product usage instruction?
A: The bamboo products' color and shape will have individual differences since they are natural products. Most of them are for one-time use only. Please be aware that do not put bamboo products into water, it may cause deformation and mildew problems. All of our products are food contact safe, feel free to picking or cutting your food by using our bamboo kitchenware.
Can we do customization on our bamboo kitchenware?
A: We have 30 years of experience in ODM/ OEM bamboo tableware manufacturing. We are very good at product customization. We have laser machines, printing machines, and CNC machines that enable us to customize our bamboo kitchenware easily. Our customization team includes sales, graphics, and technicians. They are bamboo product professionals who can fulfill your personal idea very well.
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Our value: creating innovative eco-friendly products.